top Reasons Why Should We learn Hadoop

Posted by Bloom on January 3, 2019
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Big data and Hadoop are the two most popular argot in the industry. Chances are more to get a job that you should come across these two terms on the Java payscale forums or seen your senior colleagues making the switch to get bigger paychecks. I’ll tell you what, the upgrade from Java to Hadoop is not just about staying updated with the latest technology or getting an assessment – it’s about knowing ins and
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is quite simply using the expertise of external recruitment professionals to manage the internal recruitment of business. Or else, in other words, you entrust your company’s recruitment cycle to a third party. An RPO most times is to modify the changes to suit solution for all kinds of business. Since the hiring of companies varies, so does the RPO solutions, it may be the outsourcing of a part of recruitment or
Recruitment has widely been described as an art. The art of searching and finding the right talent candidates before interviewing them and screening the fitment, not only for the requirement but also a culture of the Company. The art lies in the fact that the recruitment consultant knows in his/her gut that a person is a good fit for the company or not. However, technology is taking all over the world the work and life
               Identifying the hiring need according to client requirement : Before a job position can be filled, it must be identified as available. Job Positions are either newly formed or recently vacated. In either case, the hiring staff should meet to generate arrange the list of job requirements including special qualifications, characteristics, and experience wanted from a candidate. Planing : The most important thing what we do is planning,