Choose Right Staffing Agency To Start Your Career    Every Staffing Agency has a unique quality,  but that quality can only give the best results when they applied in real life. The same thing is applicable in our real life when we are looking for a job or job change as he \she might have the right skills for that job, but whether they would find a job which requires those skills depends
                               ADVANTAGES OF STAFFING AGENCY Staffing agencies contribute to the industry by conducting recruitment drives and staffing potential candidates for organizations, which do not have time, money and the related resources for getting the job done. By stating the aims and needs of the company, through such agencies, staffing agencies, Temporary Staffing, Contract Staffing will recruit the staff based on that criteria. Some
                                 9 Steps to writing a Perfect Resume Your resume is only as good as the information you provide that about you. Make sure you’re prepared with this list of points about yourself. Are you struggling with writing the perfect resume? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to a recent Top Resume study, only 24 percent of
            Amazing Candidate Experience: Key to Hiring Success   Being in recruitment for more than 12+ years now, we have seen many companies succeeding as well as failing miserably to attract and hire great talent. Usually, most of the company’s hiring strategies focus on sourcing/reaching to candidates or on compensation/ benefits or branding. In the blow of hiring most of the companies are forgetting and focussing of Candidate experience. Here there
           How does the future look like in  IT Outsourcing Industry Outsourcing has always been forced by –only for it to rise to new levels of scale and innovation. with the development of the user of cloud computing, companies will very unlikely to prefer having their own set of IT assets and infrastructure. A simple “Sublet and use” model is something which helps them to be free for maintaining &  handling