Celebrating Women: Walking under Spotlight

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Every day, the world has been waking up to witness stronger, bolder women. Watching them stand up for their rights, stand against injustice. It’s refreshing!  It’s a time where you realise that it does not matter, if you are Harvey Weinstein or Trump. A group of women together can and will take down and dominate every social media site, Grammy’s or Oscar.

BLOOM Staffing Services

The women in black or the #METOO took a many by surprise as it is a movement started by women. As a gender we have been called tenacious, when it comes to never letting go of issues or being a personality that sees things to the end. At this point of time, all one can say is that our tenacity and personality has risen as a sign of strength. Not just words that are spoken of on occasions like Woman’s Day or Mother’s Day. But a mark that has given us over the ages a win over battles of identity, education, independence and choice.  It is this tenacity that is now under constant radar. Not because it is feminism on the rise but because over the ages girls, women, mothers or grandmothers have chosen to be tenacious and be path breakers not to break rules but to set rules for women around the world.

The procrastination of women one day being heard or one day being employed or getting paid equally is now a reality. Yet, some struggle to get a job or to be heard or for equal stance with male peers whereas some are living up the dream. On this Woman’s Day let’s share the spotlight with those who need to be heard, who need a job or a step up in their field of work. Encourage the women around us to join in this movement of strength and power. This is the day for women and definitely a time for every woman to rise to the occasion of getting empowered, being independent. Let’s all walk under this spotlight that is on us and make the most of it. After all we have earned it!

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