The Art & Science Of Recruitment Agency

Recruitment has widely been described as an art. The art of searching and finding the right talent candidates before interviewing them and screening the fitment, not only for the requirement but also a culture of the Company. The art lies in the fact that the recruitment consultant knows in his/her gut that a person is a good fit for the company or not. However, technology is taking all over the world the work and life of the recruitment are in the forefront of going through a makeover with the advent of AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, big data, etc.

While there is a lot of science involved in the process of the recruitment, and technology only emphasizes that side of recruitment, recruitment is a high touch portfolio which involves coaxing, negotiating, nurturing in order to match the right talent candidates with the right Organization.

To have a universal approach to recruitment, the best recruitment agencies in India have always tried to find the right balance of science and art in recruitment.

What is the ‘art’ factor in Recruitment?

Well, recruitment is nothing but building people according to the requirement! And endurance is the innate trait that one needs along with the external supporting aids to back up the gut feeling and human judgment, the other basic traits of a successful recruitment consultant.

Innovation and creativity in recruitment lie in the way a recruitment consultant determines who will be a motivating leader or an aspiring team member. There is no scientific formula to that! Candidates are humans and their response varies with situations and at times are quite unstable, which can be only gauged humanly.

Recruitment agencies in India have enveloped technology in order to automate a certain set of assignments that will save a lot of time of the recruitment consultants while they can focus more on the ones where human judgment is required.

In the face of automation and Artificial Intelligence, any placement company with a strong team of skilled recruitment consultants who follow their gut instinct, and determine with modernization and creativity will still stand out against those who entirely bank on technology!

While the science of Recruitment can be outsourced to the Technological augmentation, the art of Recruitment will continue to remain in Human hands, the artistic Recruitment consultants.

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