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Keeping up with the changing trends in Hiring

The IPL 2018 series has become the topic of conversation at every table all the way from office desks to dinner tables. I am taken a back from the time my grandfather would actually invest days in following test match cricket series. Things certainly changed and for the better with a younger generation getting one day series. But for someone like me T20 is perfect.

I still remember watching the first session of cricketers auction at the beginning of this yearly Cricket Fest that swept over the nation. It seems like change is a part of human existence. After all, even the Kardashian’s know that you need to keep up with them. Why should hiring be monotonous?

Generations change, technology develops so does the way people think and polish their personalities. Its’ time the recruitment world kept up with the changing trends in Hiring.

If you are updating yourself with the changing trends or looking to get a foothold as a recruiter, then take a quick read into the new trends.

  1. Accommodating the New Comers:

Every year you will find graduates and post graduates getting launched into different industries. Always, remember that there is plenty of jobs and new projects in the market and all you need to do is get those requirements. So that, there is room enough for the experienced and the freshers to grow and promote the projects, skills and development simultaneously. So, don’t rule out on freshers yet, at least not unless the requirement specifies.


  1. Global change in Trends:

It’s common notion that you either have to think and plan either local, global and at times glocal. In this case, it’s something similar, unless there is a clear niche skilled technical requirement it is important that you be flexible that people with certain education can multi task and end up with a thriving career in another field. A, B.Com graduate can end up being a Sr. recruiter for an IT consulting firm. This is because that individual can understand technical requirements better than someone with an engineering background. This is the new trend simply because it is more about following your interest rather than just going by the norm. So, be accommodative when you are hiring after all this is the global change in trend.


  1. Keep a check on the conversion rates from sourcing to offers:

With the growing number of freshers each year and people changing careers, it is important that you keep the ratio of conversion rates clear, when you are hiring. Remember, it is always in the ratio of 10:1, i.e. for every 10 candidates that turn up for the interview it is just 1 that gets offered. When you are looking at 10 candidates turning up for the interview, it strolls back to 45 profiles sourced for a single position to 25 profiles shortlisted to 15 – 18 interview scheduled. So, if you are new or are struggling with the changing trends and are unable to close maximum positions on a deadline, Don’t Stress! You can always reach out to staffing solutions firm for assistance and support.


If you are finding it hard to close some niche positions or are unable to have a good turn up at interview drives than staffing services can be you timely help. In my career the difficult positions in recruitment were the niche skilled requirements that need to be closed under a deadline of few days and contract positions that are project based. In such situations it is always important to play it safe by looking into contract staffing and permanent staffing solutions.

If you are passionate about recruitment or are returning to career after a sabbatical or simply looking for a change of career then, you can always try being an HR Recruiter. If you are from IT background then, a career as an IT Recruiter can be your option.

Hiring the right people can change your company’s productivity!

It’s a cold pinch feeling when you come across a resignation mail of an employee you invested in training for the last year. Thoughts of self-reflection, whether I made a wrong judgement call in hiring the per

son. The questioning round of the senior management, the cold stare of the team and the coming short of explanations for loss of time, efforts and resources invested simply in a wrong hire.

On the other hand hiring a right person can result in enhancement of your company’s culture, team building and the productivity of the company. While, it is a dream to make sure that every person hired is the right one for the company, job role and designation. Getting it 100% accurate every time – well is a dream. But along the way there is no rule against getting close to accuracy most of the time.

Every successful person will tell you that hiring the right people for the right job is the key to increasing your company’s productivity. So, how do you know that the one you are interviewing is the right person for your company?

Here are few tips to keep in mind while sourcing, screening or interviewing.

  1. Make a note on their commitment level:

When approaching a deadline we find ourselves focussing more on skill and availability for job change among the crowds of people on job portals. Then its location – city, area, travelling distance, salary, etc… No doubt all these points hold importance but in between all this make sure to note on their commitment level to each company.


  1. Look beyond CV into personality:

During the interview process try looking beyond the CV into the individual’s personality. Notice their communication skill, check if it is a strong or a week point. Observe their attitude – try hiring happy people. Among the stress of daily routine it is important that you try hiring happy people who will find reasons to show up at work more often than the obvious burdened individuals.


  1. Think outside the box:

Statistics does report that most individuals interview at least 2 or 3 companies before they take up a new job. If you are going to go with the generic questions and I don’t mean the technical one’s but a round of questioning which shows the level of temperament, commitment and an insight into an individual’s background that is not on the resume. The pros of this is when you hire the person, you would have already set a bond or a connect with them. This will help you when it comes to employee engagement.


  1. Passionate Individuals is an added advantage:

While, it is a growing trend in the IT industry to look for a job change every 2 years for a salary hike. It gets difficult to hire someone you know might continue with the trend. In such a situation, look for people who are not looking only for a salary hike but are passionate about a particular skill that comes naturally to them. Look for people whose skill set has been growing and are not in the constant job change trend.


It is not easy to keep these small intricate details in memory when you are under pressure of completing your work, trying to meet deadlines and looking to hire someone with the exact skill set as per requirement. In cases like that, it is always best to go to a pro, i.e. rely on staffing services to help you with the requirement. One of the best features of utilizing the assistance of staffing services is that if your project requires contract staffing or permanent staffing. These recruitment agencies make it possible with their dedicated team of individuals who are trained to look into every facet of a candidate to make the entire hiring process an easy and reliable one.