How does the future look like in  IT Outsourcing Industry Outsourcing has always been forced by –only for it to rise to new levels of scale and innovation. with the development of the user of cloud computing, companies will very unlikely to prefer having their own set of IT assets and infrastructure. A simple “Sublet and use” model is something which helps them to be free for maintaining &  handling
       Future of IT Staffing in India   The Rapid growth of MNC’s is double raised with a great domestic organization’s ventures. Our Country India has placed in highest Position for the demand for staffing is like never before in the past decades. The whispers in the Indian market are that the staffing & recruitment in India is expected to grow more significantly by upcoming years. Recently, Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), The top
          Social Media Platforms: Moving Toward an Intelligent Future in Hiring   The rise of the social media platform is rapidly changing the rules of the recruitment game. Employee loyalty is on them degeneration, leading to growing talent attrition. This is also in part due to changing workforce demographics such as greater participation from a demanding millennial population. At the same time, unrestricted online marketing of jobs and ubiquitous connectivity have led

How To Face An Interview Confidently

Posted by Bloom on August 24, 2018
Category: Hiring
                    How To Face An Interview Confidently   People feel emotional strain when they hear about an Interview. Most of them will focus only on the questions to be answered in the interview. Interview means it’s is the test  for your behaviour body Language and honesty but not only to next your Knowledge. So, interview is a vital to approach interview’s  with right the  attitude  and behaviour ,as
As we all know that social media is rapidly growing, building a quality online presence is important. Simultaneously the way of recruiting has also changed in the past few decades, the focus is on attracting the best talent and in order to make this happen social media recruiting strategy plays a vital role. Social media has become the most successful tool for hiring and recruiting.  Before you start recruiting through social media sites, it’s important