The IPL 2018 series has become the topic of conversation at every table all the way from office desks to dinner tables. I am taken a back from the time my grandfather would actually invest days in following test match cricket series. Things certainly changed and for the better with a younger generation getting one day series. But for someone like me T20 is perfect. I still remember watching the first session of cricketers auction
It’s a normal trend in the IT industry to feel the pressure and heat before the deadline. In addition, your teammates decide to look for better opportunities at a crucial time or you realise that you need to hire a few more people to deliver on time. The load of skilled requirement for any HR at that moment can be a very nerve wracking time. It can get difficult by the day when you are
  One of the most exciting places to work would be as a recruiter. And I speak with experience. Recruitment has always been the exciting part of HR and it has also been the part where people have not just found themselves, comfortable but also appreciated – perks, incentives, promotions, etc. Some of the most renowned professors of top universities when asked, “which is an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career choice”? The answer came instantaneously
It’s a cold pinch feeling when you come across a resignation mail of an employee you invested in training for the last year. Thoughts of self-reflection, whether I made a wrong judgement call in hiring the per son. The questioning round of the senior management, the cold stare of the team and the coming short of explanations for loss of time, efforts and resources invested simply in a wrong hire. On the other hand hiring
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Every day, the world has been waking up to witness stronger, bolder women. Watching them stand up for their rights, stand against injustice. It’s refreshing!  It’s a time where you realise that it does not matter, if you are Harvey Weinstein or Trump. A group of women together can and will take down and dominate every social media site, Grammy’s or Oscar. The women in black or the #METOO took a many by surprise as